Logo of the Indonesian FDNSC Fourth Provincial Chapter

The Logo of the Indonesian FDNSC Fourth Provincial Chapter

FDNSC Indonesia being Missionaries of Hope in a Broken World

  •  As Jesus was sent by the Father in the power of the Spirit to proclaim the Good News, so we are sent by the Church to make known the strong and merciful love of God revealed in His Heart. After the example of Father Jules Chevalier, we take into our hearts and our prayer the hopes and concerns of the people of our time. We use the resources available to us to assist them (Constitution No. 58, §1, p. 34)
  • The word “HOPEimplies that the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of the Indonesian Province ceaselessly live out the hopes within themselves as a way to keep up their faith and genuine love so tha the FDNSC Communities are becoming the communities of hope.
  • The medal of FDNSC Congregation inside the letter “O” of the word “HOPE”: means that FDNSC united with Our Lady of the Sacred Heart present providing HOPE, especially to the weak, the poor, the marginalized and vurnerable in facing the changing times. Changes in the times are reflected in the situation of the world filled with turmoil (Volatility), Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity in various fields.
  • A beautiful picture of the New World in the word HOPE: contains the understanding that the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart as persons full of hope, proactively play a role in presenting a better future for the world. A world full of: Kindness, Responsiveness, Creativity, Responsibility, Justice, Brotherhood and Hospitality.
  • The Leaning Cross to the Right: The cross is an answer, as well as a source of hope for the community of the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, so that even if the world is destroyed there is still hope which will always be present and alive in the hearts of each FDNSC. The cross of Christ leaning to the right edge has the understanding that Christ is an example in His partiality to the poor and weak.
  • World Map with the background of volcano, has the meaning that a broken world is a real threat to human civilization: Moral destruction, Natural disasters, Climate change, Disruption of technology, Environmental pollution, Poverty, Logging of forests, Poaching, rampant corruption, Terrorism and Narcotics and the development of atheism and agnostic attitudes are a number of indicators that show how broken the aspects of human life are.
  • FDNSC Indonesia being Missionaries of Hope a Broken World” is the theme of the Fourth Indonesian FDNSC Fourth Provincial Chapter.

The Beam of Light with blue sky is a visualization of the implementation of FDNSC’s vision “Ametur Ubique Terrarum Cor Jesu Sacratissimum in Aeternum” by presenting God’s

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